Exploring the Top 3 Qualities That Clients Look For in an Attorney

While it’s important for you to continue to provide high-quality legal guidance, it’s equally important to understand what else your clients need from you. By establishing your trustworthiness and responsiveness, you’ll emerge as a law firm that’s genuinely invested in your clients’ well-being.

As an attorney, you’re familiar with the role you play in helping your clients reach their goals. While it’s important for you to continue to provide high-quality legal guidance, it’s equally important to understand what else your clients need from you. Yes, they expect you to use your experience and knowledge to help them resolve their issue, but they also want reassurance and respect. Here are some of the top qualities that clients want in an attorney so you can build your interactions and marketing efforts around these fundamental values.

1. Trustworthiness

When clients come to you, they entrust you with sensitive information about their family disputes, estate plans, or high-stakes business negotiations. Criminal defense attorneys often see people at their lowest point, so it’s essential that an attorney approaches each client with care. Most clients look to people they trust to recommend an attorney; they want to know that other people have worked with this law firm and found success. Now, potential clients are looking at client reviews on Google, Yelp, and other sites to determine whether to work with a particular attorney. The more you can inspire clients to leave positive reviews, the more trustworthy you’ll become to those looking for legal support.

2. Responsiveness

People have grown accustomed to on-demand services, even when it comes to an attorney’s responsiveness. Potential clients want to know that you’ve heard them and that you value your relationship with them, so they will expect you to respond quickly to their questions or requests. Even setting up an automated response to new client queries can illustrate your commitment to serving your clients. Clients also appreciate clear expectations, so go over these details during your first meeting to help them understand how they should contact you and when they can expect a response.

3. Seamless Interactions

Law firms that provide clients with multiple paths of communication, such as via phone, email, chat, or even an automated intake form, tend to elicit more positive reviews from clients. Many people prefer the ease and flexibility of scheduling their appointments using an online portal instead of over the phone—which can feel somewhat stressful and even confrontational to more introverted or sensitive clients. The more you can streamline your communications and interactions with clients, the more comfortable they will feel during their time working with you.

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