Creating Successful Social Media Posts For Your Law Firm

Whether you are looking for ways to create more engaging posts for your law firm or you haven’t explored the potential of social media posts yet, implementing a successful social media strategy can generate leads and engage more clients.

Many law firms have kept their distance from using social media to promote their services. While social media might not seem to be the best place to market your law practice, consider the massive audience at your fingertips that you can connect with quickly and easily. Whether you are looking for ways to create more engaging posts for your law firm or you haven’t explored the potential of social media posts yet, here are some simple tips to increasing awareness of your legal services and generating sustainable leads.

Develop a Social Media Strategy

Posting to Facebook or sending a Tweet is easy to do, but there are ways to make sure your post makes an impact. Before you create a post, take some time to identify your goals. Explore what you are hoping to gain from posting to social media (i.e., attracting more clients, building your firm’s reputation, driving more traffic to your website, etc.). While it’s good to dream big, it’s helpful to start with smaller, attainable goals (like generating X amount of leads by X date) so you can track your progress.

Know Your Desired Audience

Each social media platform caters to slightly different demographics, so take some time to think about your intended audience. Who is your ideal client base? What age range are you hoping to serve? What socioeconomic background do they tend to come from? What interests or concerns do they have? This information will help you determine the social media platforms most appropriate for your target audience. For instance, if you are a business law attorney hoping to advertise your services to the professional community, LinkedIn is a great forum to use. Estate planning attorneys looking to reach younger newlyweds may consider Instagram and Twitter to reach this demographic.

Showcase Who You Are

Whether you are composing a tweet or selecting an image to post to Instagram, make sure your post gives viewers a sense of who you are. Consider how the tone, words, visuals, and other elements of each post will affect potential clients. Are you simply informing them of your services, or are you inviting them to contact you? Are you offering a special discount for a particular service? Did you recently win a big case? Share this information and let viewers get a sense of your values, track record, and genuine concern for those within your community.

Want to learn more about how implementing a social media strategy can generate more business? Call Upsource today at (800) 893-2590 to get started.

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