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Why Your Law Firm Needs an Answering Service & How to Choose One

Image of male and female receptionists smiling while taking calls as a law firm's answering service.We know that attorneys are busy people. You’re researching for cases, meeting with clients, drafting important documentation or contracts, filing paperwork with various agencies, appearing in court, and juggling a million other tasks that all need to be done right now. With all of that in mind, it’s no wonder you can’t answer the phone every time it rings. Even if you have others in the firm to help out, it’s still highly likely that some phone calls from existing or potential clients are falling through the cracks.

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How to Elevate Your Law Firm’s Brand with Unqualified Leads

Image of a smiling attorney on the phone who is elevating his law firm's brand by giving compassionate advice to unqualified leads.It’s probably safe to say you receive a fair amount of emails and calls from people looking for an attorney who just aren’t right for your firm. Though you may see this as an inevitable annoyance, this actually presents a great opportunity to further solidify your firm’s brand in the public eye.

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Understanding the New Google Maps Q&A Feature for Business

image of a person holding their cell phone in front of their laptop and perusing the new Google Maps Q&A feature for businesses.It’s tough to keep up with Google; it seemingly tests and adds a new feature every month. Alas, that is our calling as digital marketers and yet, this one almost passed us by. We’re talking about the new Google Maps Questions & Answers feature that lets mobile users browsing a business listing ask any question they want. You, the business owner, can answer these questions and so can other users.

So, how exactly does it work? Will it help or hurt your business? We’ll explore these questions and others in this week’s blog post.

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Should Attorneys Offer New Client Discounts?

Image of an attorney and their client shaking hands after determining that new client discounts are a bad idea.Client acquisition is always a challenging (and changing!) element of running a business or law practice. You must constantly toe the line of charging enough to fairly compensate for the level of work performed while also offering rates that are affordable to your target demographic.

For loyal and repeat clients, pricing should be fairly straight-forward after you have already built a relationship and set the right expectations. With new clients, however, you may be considering offering a special or agreeing to a discount they have requested to get them in the door. We will examine the pros and cons of client discounts in this week’s post.Read More »

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Google Doubles Daily Ad Spend

A professional man and woman sit across the table from each other to discuss how their new AdWords strategy will change now that Google has doubled the daily ad spend limit.In a move that shocked many, Google recently doubled the daily AdWords budget limit for digital campaigns. Previous to the change, your daily ad spend was capped at 20% above your set daily budget. Going forth, that budget ceiling is twice your daily budget, which is a significant increase.Read More »

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To Text or Not to Text?

A young woman texting her attorneyJust a few years ago, the idea of texting clients and prospects was largely seen as inappropriate or simply too casual. Now, it is becoming more and more acceptable or even preferable to some people. However, there are some definite drawbacks. For one, professionalism can potentially suffer via text message, as well as clear boundaries. That said, more avenues for reaching your target clients can only be seen as a positive. We’ll discuss the merits of texting for lawyers in this post and let you decide if it’s right for you and your firm.Read More »

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Pitching In: How Small Businesses & Law Firms Can Provide Disaster Relief

Group of volunteers with blue overlay and the word volunteerAs a vast understatement, many of our fellow Americans are facing severe difficulties in the wake of a disastrous late summer and early fall. From hurricane-torn areas in the southern states and Puerto Rico to devastating forest fires up and down the west coast, as well as the deadly shooting in Las Vegas, millions are in need of serious aid.Read More »

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Tweeters, Rejoice! Try Out Twitter’s New 280-Character Limit

Image of a professional desk with a laptop, coffee cup, cactus, and a man's hand holding a phone, opening Twitter, where he will try out Twitter's new 280-character limit!If you’re a Twitter enthusiast, you may be pleased to know that all users will soon have double the characters at their disposal. In a surprise move, Twitter announced yesterday that select users would be permitted to test the change before rolling out the new 280-character limit to everyone in the next few months, presumably.Read More »

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HTTPS Vital for Both Security & SEO Rankings

HTTPS vital for SEOIs your website running on HTTPS protocol? If so, good on you! If not, read through this post to learn why it really (really) should be.Read More »

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Everything You Need to Know About the New Google Drive

Google recently announced that they are making some major changes to Google Drive; in essence, it’s going away. Did you freak out? We did! …Until we learned more about what’s really happening, that is. We’ll explain everything you need to know before they roll out the initial changes in the near future, and the rest over the next year.Read More »

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